Embedded Devlopment

Embedded Development


Embedded Systems have rocked today’s Market in the terms of their Demand and popularity. Embedded systems are the combination of operating system, hardware, software, peripheral devices and Communication software to enable the device to perform the pre-defined function.
Because of the complexity of the embedded system customers required to have experienced developers for that. Embedded system is the multi-step process that focuses on distinct attributes of a program. Embedded system is the combination of hardware and software, where Software part is totally requires the depth knowledge about various languages. We have developers who are expert in the languages which are used to develop the embedded systems like C and Assembly. We here at AuroSoft gives the priority to the customers need and for that we have a team of expert and skilled Embedded developers.

AuroSoft india is completely dedicated to train the students on embedded live projects.

Our area of skill and services

  • LED based Scrolling display.
  • Microcontroller Based Digital Clock.
  • LCD Interfacing (8bit) with Microcontroller.
  • Keypad Interfacing with 8051.
  • Fingerprint based attendance system.
  • RTC (DS1307) Interfacing with AT89C2051 or AT89C51.
  • Serial EEPROM Interfacing (AT24C08 with MicroController).
  • Solar tracking System.
  • Flashing the LED.