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Mobile Applications Devlopment

iPhone / iPad Devlopment

    • Rise of the mobile technologies has led to a revolution in the connectivity & communication between the people all over the globe. Mobile technologies have hit the world like a hurricane & have captured not only the huge share of communication arena but also the people’s Thoughts, imaginations & needs & thus it has turned out to be a big business field. Today office scenario has changed greatly. The traditional office-based work environment is giving way to one that’s mobile and decentralized. Your systems may not be flexible and efficient enough to handle this change. And your data that’s captured and stored everywhere is probably not being processed efficiently or securely and converted into the useful information that your company needs to maintain its competitive edge.

    Mobile Application Development will help you to get your business with cutting edge advantage. Get develop your business logic and applications for mobile and smart-phones which helps you to connect each and every person while mobility and update them with the latest information as well as give information. The smarter the applications the smarter the result.Mobile phone now are not only use for communication it convert in multi functioning devices such as storing data, numbers, messages, email, multimedia, Gaming, songs, video, Bluetooth connectivity and many more. The functionality of mobile phones is also changed and getting more and more useful from first generation to third generation phones.  The whole picture of Mobile development is now change now mobile are developed into PDA (personal Digital Assistant) phone with OS (Operating Systems like Symbian, Linux, Microsoft Mobile, Android) that take mobile phone development in next generation level like mini computers.

    Mobile application development is process of developing application for hand held devices such as PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), enterprise digital assistant or Mobile Phones. Mobile application development is different for each platform such as JAVA ME (J2ME), Symbian Platform, Android, .Net Compact Framework, QT Framework, Brew, Windows Mobile, Plam OS, Flash Lite, Blackberry and iOS. Each of the above mobile development platform has a mobile development environment or SDK that give the freedom of mobile developer or mobile programmer to develop, deploy or test mobile applications in to the target mobile environment.

    Android Devlopment

    Aurosoft Technologies is specialist in Mobile Application Development. We have expertise in developing mobile applications for different platform and Mobile devices such as BlackBerry Mobile Application Development, Windows Mobile Development, iPhone Mobile Apps Development, Brew Smartphone Application Development, Symbian OS Application Development and Android based Mobile Application Development.


    We have team of Expert Mobile Developers who have broad experience in developing mobile applications in all major platforms including Java/J2ME, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm. Our Professional Mobile Apps Developer builds Custom Mobile applications that fit under the specific requirement and truly unique. We also provide complete wireless solutions that integrate your business transaction through mobile device and content delivery system to publish range of information valuable for both buyers and suppliers.Aurosoft Technologies develop different Mobile apps as below,

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